Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth? It’s important to replace missing teeth as quickly as possible to protect your whole body health from the negative impacts of missing teeth.

Issues Caused By Missing Teeth

Some problems that can arise from missing teeth include:

  • Bone loss in the jaw from a lack of stimulation by the tooth root.
  • Shifting teeth, causing crooked teeth or an irregular bite.
  • Nutritional problems that stem from eating difficulties.

These oral health issues impact your overall health. Crooked teeth provide places for food particles and bacteria to hide. Poor bite alignment can lead to issues with your TMJ, which can cause headaches, muscle aches, and other debilitating symptoms.

Missing teeth impact so much more than your smile. With poor nutrition and bone loss, your entire body may suffer. You can protect your whole body health and restore great oral health by replacing missing teeth with dental implants!

Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants are such an effective solution to missing teeth because they are very similar to the natural tooth root. Implants provide a strong, natural-feeling foundation to support replacement of your missing tooth or teeth.

Our doctors can design beautiful tooth replacements after implant placement.  Whether you’re missing just one tooth or all of your teeth, the doctors at Blue River Dental will offer you a customized solution to restore your teeth.  Your dental implants will allow you to smile and eat confidently again. Schedule an appointment and let our team show you how tooth replacement with dental implants can enhance your life!

Restoring Smiles for Whole Body Health!

Call Blue River Dental to schedule a consultation. We want to help you start the process of restoring your perfect smile and protecting your whole body health.