Oral Sedation

One of our key commitments, as we practice excellent dentistry here at Blue River Dental, is to contribute to your whole body health. The stress you feel plays a detrimental role in your health. If you are feeling stressed over the idea of a dental visit, we have a way to help you get the care you deserve without the stress: oral sedation.

Offering oral sedation is just one way that we exceed your expectations. If you are dreading a visit due to anxiety, then we are prepared to offer you oral sedation that will soothe that anxiety and help you relax in the dental chair!

How Oral Sedation Soothes Anxious Patients

If you are suffering a toothache or other dental issue because you would rather not step foot in a dental office, you are not alone! So many of our patients felt that way before receiving oral sedation from Blue River Dental.

Now our formerly anxious patients are comfortable with the idea of a dental visit, and they have beautifully healthy smiles, too! If you are ready to overcome dental anxiety and restore your oral health, we are ready to help you today!

Step one is to talk to us about your anxieties. Tell us why you feel that way and let us know what your dental concerns are at this time.

One of our qualified dentists can prescribe you a pill that you will take prior to attending your appointment, so you will feel relaxed from the moment you walk through the door! After entering the office, we will show you to a soothing room where you can listen to the music of your choice and waltz off to dreamland before we work on your smile.

After your visit, you will notice a wonderful new smile and a fresh, healthy feeling!

Please note that you will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment at Blue River Dental.

Relax Here at Blue River Dental!

Bring your dental concerns to us, and relax while we work on your smile! If you are interested in the benefits of oral sedation, call our office today. We are ready to help you overcome dental anxiety and enjoy a new level of health.